The case of Monterrey, Mexico

By, Sara Riojas

CULTURE AND NATURE FOR INCENTIVES… Monterrey is an industrial and services city, an ideal destination to hold conferences, conventions and exhibitions with a business approach, however the past month of June, an incentive event was performed. The recognized delegates of an insurance company enjoyed the cultural and natural attractions of the city for 4 days with an interesting tour program: They visited cultural attractions such as the Museum of Mexican History, the Museum of Contemporary Art “MARCO”, the riverwalk “Paseo Santa Lucia” and The Steel Museum located in the famous “Fundidora” Park, combined visits to natural attractions such as the waterfalls “Cola de Caballo”, the tyrolean and closing with a luxury dinner at the majestic canyon of Huasteca mountains, enjoying an incredible firework and laser show, really impressive.

The result was positive for everyone:

– The CVB Monterrey won the event and hosted it on the city.
– The operator DMC highlights the value chain: Professionals, trained, suppliers all working with one goal, making alliance and talent that made the success.
– The suppliers emphasized the profitability of the incentive events is high.
– The Director of the insurance company or client, spoke a few words of thanks, very emotional during the closing reception and said: “It is surprising that the city has much to see and do, the quality of its services has outperformed other destinations”.
– The delegates appreciated the impressive experience.

Undoubtedly, each destination can create its own program unique and different for incentives, mixing cultural and natural attractions to offer the most enjoyable and memorable experience for distinguished visitors.

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